Conflict Resolution and Mediation

The Conflict Resolution and Mediation (CRM) program is a joint project initiated by Sabancı University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) and Istanbul Policy Center. It aims to conduct research, provide education and training, contribute to the emergence of civilian capacity, and become involved in joint projects with national and international institutions. This project pays special attention to cooperating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant state institutions.

IPC is a member of the Peace Capacities Network (formerly known as the Civilian Capacities [CIVCAP] Network), which is a consortium of seven think tanks from around the globe. The Center’s participation in this consortium resulted in a comprehensive IPC report on “Turkey’s Civilian Capacity in Post-conflict Reconstruction.” The CRM stream also facilitates best practice training initiatives. In collaboration with the Diplomatic Academy of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IPC conflict resolution analysts and facilitators organize training on conflict analysis and resolution for young and junior-level Turkish diplomats and international diplomatic guests. Similarly, the facilitators work in close cooperation with Sabancı University’s Master’s Program in the Conflict Analysis and Resolution program and provide internships or field research opportunities for candidate students.

The other highlights of the program are; a migration working group focusing on refugees, internally displaced people, and asylum seekers; gender mainstreaming in peacebuilding; the role of civil society in peace efforts and enhancing the formation of Turkish foreign policy related to mediation and development efforts.