Mercator-IPC Fellowship Alumni Retreat II

May 12, 2017
Ada Palas, Büyükada

The Mercator-IPC Alumni got together on May 12-14, 2017 at the Princes’ Islands to discuss current issues under the theme of “Exploring Populism.”

As part of the Retreat, Ann-Cathrine Jungar, Södertörn University; Simon Waldman, King’s College London; and Mahir Ilgaz, participated to the Fishbowl session: on Exploring Populism.  In addition, Visual Research Methods Workshop by Dawn Mannay, Cardiff University and Strong Memory Techniques Workshop by Utku Nefesoğlu, Diyalog Anlatım İletişim were convened on May 13. As part of the Morning Coffee Talks, 2016/17 Mercator-IPC Senior Fellow Gerald Knaus and Erhan Ali Yılmaz from Mindful Academy had separate sessions. The last session was held in the format of Open Space Technology to engage the Alumni to discuss pertaining issues in their respective thematic areas.