IKV-IPC Roundtable on Turkey-EU Relations

Mar 20, 2017

In coordination with the Economic Development Foundation (IKV), IPC organized a “IKV-IPC Roundtable on Turkey-EU Relationson March 17, 2017 at the Brussels Representative of IKV.

The expert panel brought together leading academics, policymakers, and decision-makers under a platform of dialogue, deliberation, and cohesion to exchange views on the current and possible future state of Turkey-EU relations. During the first session, invited experts discussed the current state of Turkey-EU relations, reviewing determinant factors of the present situation such as the refugee crisis, security and defense priorities, human rights conditions, trade agreements, and the Customs Union. At the second session, the future of Turkey-EU relations was evaluated in light of current critical phenomena: namely, the rise of populism, recent elections in Turkey and EU member states, the Brexit debate, the global refugee crisis, the future of globalization, and the liberal trade system. In closing, participants discussed possible solutions to overcome the present crises and forecasted future scenarios to clear the fog of uncertainty concerning Turkey-EU relations.

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