Changing Geopolitics and the Emerging Order of the Middle East: Challenges Ahead, What the Future Holds

Jan 12, 2017

Istanbul Policy Center (IPC), with the support of Sasakawa Peace Foundation of Japan and the Middle East Institute at National University, organized an international conference on the geopolitics and the emerging order of the Middle East after the Arab uprisings. The event brought together scholars from across the globe from Turkey to Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Within the context of the contemporary developments of the Middle East, conference participants analysed the shifting geopolitical strategies of particular nations, investigated the evolution of a new regional order at the macro level, and the focused on the role of the Gulf region within the larger context of the Middle East. IPC research associates Pınar Akpınar and Altay Atlı each made a presentation at the conference and Bülent Aras, senior scholar and coordinator of IPC’s conflict resolution and mediation stream, shared his thoughts with the audience through teleconferencing.

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