The Role of Women in Societal Consensus

Jan 11, 2018
IPC Karaköy Minerva Han

Sabancı University Faculty Member Ayşe Betül Çelik, IPC Conflict Resolution and Mediation Stream Project Manager Pınar Akpınar and Project Officer Efe Doğuş Selvi convened the workshop titled “The Role of Women in Societal Consensus (Toplumsal Mutabakatta Kadınların Rolü)” on January 11 at IPC.

This workshop aimed to discuss the potential role of women in decreasing polarization and resolving of the Kurdish Question in Turkey. Women are known to have various roles in building societal peace. The role of women in peacebuilding, the factors that strengthen and weaken cooperation between women vis-à-vis reconciliation, the urgent need for peacebuilding, and new feminist strategies were among the topics discussed in this workshop.

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