Christiane Fröhlich
2015/16 Mercator-IPC Fellows

Christiane Fröhlich is a peace and conflict researcher with a focus on resource scarcity and power conflicts. Currently, she is exploring “environmental migration” as a driving force of conflict escalation processes in authoritarian regimes. She is the co-founder of the international research network “Gender, Conflict, Climate Change” ( which critically engages with the role of gendered power relations in resource-related conflicts. Moreover, for several years she co-edited the German annual Peace Report (, which is the main outlet of German peace research towards policymakers and academia alike.

Christiane is particularly interested in feminist and postcolonial approaches in peace and conflict studies, currently with a focus on the “local” and the “intersectional” turn. Her regional focus is on the Middle East/the Mediterranean, where she has spent several months doing field research, most recently in the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. She holds a Dr. phil. in sociology from Marburg University, and a Master in Peace Research and Security Policy from Hamburg University as well as an M.A. in English, History and Psychology from Warwick and Hamburg Universities. More information is available on her website,

Activities as Mercator-IPC Fellow