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Ömer Lütfi Şen
2012/13 Mercator-IPC Fellow

Ömer Lütfi Şen is a Climate Scientist. In 2004, he joined the Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences at the Istanbul Technical University where he has since been teaching graduate level courses and conducting research on anthropogenic climate change in the eastern Mediterranean – Black Sea region including Turkey.

Şen specializes in land surface – atmosphere interactions, their modeling and the optimization of the land surface parameterizations. As Mercator-IPC Fellow, his research project entitled ‘A holistic view of climate change impact in Turkey’ is related to the thematic area of “Climate Change”. He thinks that there is an urgent need to produce a unified, integrated view of the impact of climate change in Turkey drawing on the results of the numerous projects and studies now available in this field. During his fellowship, he reviewed all studies on the impact of climate change in Turkey, collected the necessary data including climate change, demographic and sectorial data, transfer them to a geographic information system, and illustrated and analyzed them in such a way that the results could be easily and efficiently communicated to the public as well as to politicians and decision makers.

Ömer Lütfi Şen holds a PhD degree from the Hydrology & Water Resources Department of the University of Arizona.

For more details visit: http://turkiyeiklim.wordpress.com

Activities as a Mercator – IPC Fellow

Blog:  http://turkiyeiklim.wordpress.com/

Ömer Lütfi Şen (2013, December), A Holistic View of Climate Change and Its Impacts in Turkey, Istabul Policy Center.

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Conference Proceedings
Ömer Lütfi Şen, Deniz Bozkurt, Ozan Mert Göktürk, Berna Dündar & Bahadır Altürk (2013). Türkiye’de İklim Değişikliği ve Olası Etkileri, 3. Taşkın Semposium. Click here to see the presentation.

Ömer Lütfi Şen (2013). Türkiye’de İklim Değişikliğinin Bütünsel Resmi, Türkiye İklim Değişikliği Kongresi (TİKDEK).

Deniz Bozkurt, Ömer Lütfi Şen (2013). Değişik Model ve Senaryolara Göre İklim Değişikliğinin Fırat-Dicle Havzasına Olan Etkileri, Türkiye İklim Değişikliği Kongresi (TİKDEK).

Blog Articles
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