2017 Bonn Climate Summit – Impressions from COP23

Istanbul Policy Center convened panel titled “2017 Bonn Climate Summit – Impressions from COP23” on TuesdayNovember 282017 at Istanbul Policy Center. In this panel, IPC Senior Scholar and Climate Studies Coordinator Ümit Şahin, 2017/18 Mercator-IPC Fellows Pınar Ertör Akyazı ve Barış Karapınar, 2014/15 Mercator-IPC Fellow Ethemcan Turhan and Marmara University Department of Political Science and International Relations Faculty Member Semra Cerit Mazlum shared their general observations on the summit, as well as Turkey’s official position on the climate change regime, with academics, civil society representatives, and journalists in this field.

Please click here for the program. (Turkish)