EU-Turkey Relations in Times of Global and Regional Turmoil

The joint panel discussion “EU-Turkey Relations in Times of Global and Regional Turmoil” convened by the cooperation of Istanbul Policy Center, Centre for Turkey and European Studies (CETEUS), University of Cologne and Stiftung Mercator took place on April 19, at the University of Cologne.

-Prof Dr Wolfgang Wessels, Director, CETEUS

- Prof Dr Atila Eralp, 2017/18 Mercator-IPC Senior Fellow, IPC
- Assoc Prof Dr Senem Aydın-Düzgit, Faculty Member at Sabancı University; Senior Scholar & Research and Academic Affairs Coordinator, IPC
- Dr Metin Gürcan, Researcher, IPC
- Dr Funda Tekin, Vice-Director, CETEUS

Concluding Remarks on the Future of EU-Turkey Relations:
- Prof Dr Fuat Keyman, Faculty Member at Sabancı University; Director, Istanbul Policy Center (IPC)
- Wolf-Ruthart Born, former State Secretary, Berlin

In the turbulent global and European climate as well as the current conflict in Syria, it is timely to contextualize the debate on Turkey and the long-lasting Turkey-EU relationship in terms of global trends and the present debate on the future of Europe.

This timely event coincides with the planned publication of the European Commission’s Country Report on Turkey. The debate aims to focus on the possibility of the revitalization of the EU-Turkey-Germany relationship in changing global, European, and neighbourhood contexts and puts special emphasis on Germany which has always been one of the key drivers of the process of European Integration and the EU-Turkey relationship.

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