Checks and Balances Network Explains: “Presidential Systems from the Perspective of Checks and Balances”

The Checks and Balances Network (CBN) is pleased to invite you to a panel event with IPC Director Fuat Keyman and Associate Professor from Galatasaray University, Faculty of Law Demirhan Burak Çelik.

In a discussion moderated by Ayşe Camkiran, CBN Deputy Director of Advocacy and Communications, panelists will address the following questions:
● What are foundational features and political philosophy behind the presidential system
that distinguish it from the parliamentary system?
● How does a presidential system with checks and balances operate and which
constitutional and institutional mechanisms is it based on?
● How can Turkey’s new governing system be evaluated as a presidential system?

The panel titled “Presidential Systems from the Perspective of Checks and Balances” will take place on November 6 at IPC Karaköy.

Date: 6 November 2018
Time: 14.30 – 17:30
Place: IPC Karaköy
Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman of Sabancı University and Director of Istanbul Policy Center
Doç. Dr. Demirhan Burak Çelik of Galatasaray University’s Faculty of Law.

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