Reforming Turkey: Institution Building After July 15th

IPC Project Manager of Post-Coup Opportunities on Conflict Resolution and Democracy Project Pınar Akpınar, and IPC Conflict Resolution and Mediation Program Researcher Derya Berk convened the workshop titled “Reforming Turkey: Institution Building After July 15th” on January 18, 2017 at IPC Karaköy.

Turkey has been faced with a number of challenges since the failed coup attempt of July 15th. One of the greatest ones has been the weakening of its state institutions as a result of the decades old deployment of ‘parallel structures’ within these institutions as well as the massive wave of expulsions on the aftermath of the coup. ‘Reforming Turkey: Institution Building after July 15th’ identified and analyzed the key conflicts and challenges for institution building in the course of the post-coup period and offer possible solutions in order to contain polarization and foster inclusive democracy. Designed in an interactive format, the workshop brought together scholars and experts from diverse backgrounds and come up with solid policy recommendations for key stakeholders.

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