Young Scholars and Early Career Academics Conference: Migration, Social Transformation and Differential Inclusion in Turkey

2017/18 Mercator-IPC Fellows Gabriele Cloeters and Souad Osseiran convened a conference titled “Migration, Social Transformation and Differential Inclusion in Turkey” on October 5-6 at SALT Galata.

The conference brought together young scholars and early career academics who seek to examine themes of migration and (im)mobility, forms of temporariness, and migrant and refugees’ struggles and strategies to achieve existential security through movement, citizenship processes, or other acts. The conference aimed to examine relations among host society members and refugee or migrant populations in light of challenges resulting from diverse migration to Turkey. Furthermore, the conference tried to address the lack of theorization emerging from the Turkish context as part of a broader contribution to migration studies and research.

The keynote speech of the conference on “Anonymous Black and Brown Bodies: The Productive Power of Europe’s Deadly Border” was given by Prof. Nicholas De Genova from the University of Houston on October 5 at IPC Karaköy.

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