Almut Küppers
Almut Küppers
2013/14 Mercator-IPC Fellow

Almut Küppers is an Educational Scientist and a Foreign Language/English Teaching specialist. From 2010 to 2012 she was affiliated with Istanbul University, as a Research Fellow in the EU funded Comenius Project – MuViT (Multilingual Virtual Talking Books). Her home base is Frankfurt University, where she is a full time scholar at the Institute of English and American Studies, in the department of Teacher Education. In her research she focuses on multilingualism, intercultural learning, and identity development, as well as drama in education. Another focus in her research has been the European dimension in Foreign Language Teacher training.

Küppers holds a PhD from Goethe University, Frankfurt, and a PGCE from Birmingham University, UK. She is a qualified English and German Foreign Language Teacher. She has also taught Political Science and Educational Drama and has worked in schools in Germany, England, and the United States. During the fall semester 2005-2006, she was granted a Fulbright Scholarship and worked as an Exchange scholar at the College of New Jersey, USA.

Küppers is married, with three children, and has been living and working in Istanbul for the past three years.

Activities as a Mercator – IPC Fellow

Policy Brief
Why Multilingual Matters: Alternative Change Agents in Language Education Policy
July 2014 | Istanbul Policy Center

Doing Diversity in Education Through Multilingualism, Media and Mobility (with Çiğdem Bozdağ)
July 2015 | İstanbul Policy Center

Bildung in transnationalen Räumen / Education in transnational spaces  (with Barbara Pusch and Pınar Uyan Semerci)
October 2015 | Springer

Doing Diversity in Education through Multilingualism, Media and Mobility (organized with Çiğdem Bozdağ)
June 6-7, 2014 | Istanbul Policy Center

International Symposium
Educational Institutions in the Transnational German– Turkish Space 
October 11-12, 2013 | Istanbul Bilgi University, organized in cooperation with Dr. Barbara Pusch, Orient-Institute Istanbul

Education & Migration. Theories and Practices of Intercultural Education and School Development? 
February 20-22, 2014 | International Conference at Hildesheim University

The impact of English in a bilingual Turkish-German school program.  Talk at the bi-annual conference of the Foreign Language Teacher Association English and Multilingualism 
March 22-24, 2014 | Frankfurt University

Ground-up push for pluralism. The social-cultural impact of multilingual education.  Talk at the Symposium Multilingual Education
June 24, 2014 | Center for Sociology and Education Studies organized together with Getronagan High School, Bilgi University

Multilingualism from ground-up: The social-cultural impact of a German-Turkish-English school program. Seminar in the course Multilingualism (Prof. Viola Georgi)
July 2, 2014  | Hildesheim University

Everyday I’m capulling. English as a gateway to Turkish?  Workshop at the bi-annual conference of the Foreign Language Teacher Association English and Multilingualism
March 22-24, 2014 Frankfurt University

Turkish as a Foreign Language in European Countries with Turkish Immigration 
September 26-27, 2013 | Augsburg University, Germany