Cana Tülüş, Dominik Hartmann, Ebru Turhan, İlke Toygür, Jörn Richert, Peter Mock  (2017)

The Future of Turkey – EU Relations 4 Scenarios for 2018

Stiftung Mercator, October

The report titled “The Future of Turkey – EU Relations 4 Scenarios for 2018” was published. This report was prepared by the experts who participated to the workshop organized by Stiftung Mercator on October 7-8 2016.

Relations between Turkey and the EU are at a critical juncture. What will happen to the relationship between Turkey and the EU in this unstable environment? What are plausible scenarios we could find ourselves in at the end of 2018? What can be done today to ensure Turkey-EU relations are strengthened and developed into the future? These are the questions at the heart of this report.

IPC Research and Administrative Affairs Coordinator Cana Tülüş; 2012/13 Mercator-IPC Fellow Dominik Hartmann; 2013/14 Mercator-IPC Fellows Ebru Turhan and Jörn Richert; 2015/16 Mercator-IPC Fellows Peter Mock and İlke Toygür were among the experts who participated at the workshop.

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