Climate Change

Few issues illustrate the necessity of international cooperation to a degree as the challenges resulting from climate change. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions can only be accomplished through joint efforts made by national governments, business, civil society as well as the individual citizen. Among the various subtopics in the field of climate change, IPC considers energy as a central thematic issue. Transforming the European energy system towards lower emissions and carbon usage is indispensable to the target of globally reducing greenhouse gas emission and constitutes a central focus of our work.

IPC’s aim is to create awareness of the urgency of climate change among decision makers as well as the broader public and to give clearly defined policy advice to assure a maximum impact of its work. Especially in Turkey the issue has so far not received the necessary political and public attention. In this context, IPC, through scientific research, advocacy and the exchange of ideas and people, highlights the challenges resulting from climate change as well as the possible benefits for national economies to invest in green technologies and renewable energies.