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Call for Applications: 2023/24 round of the Mercator-IPC Fellowship Program


The Istanbul Policy Center-Sabancı University-Stiftung Mercator Initiative invites academics, journalists, and professionals to apply for the Mercator-IPC Fellowship Program. The deadline for 2023/24 fellowship applications is April 26, 2023, 18:00 (EEST). The fellowship begins on September 1, 2023.


This year, short-term visiting fellowships will be available to practitioners from Germany/Europe (e.g., policy experts, civil servants, civil society workers, advisors to MPs and policy figures working in the EU institutions). The minimum duration of this fellowship is one month.


Application Documents

2023/24 Call for Applications | Application Form Program Guidelines | Brochure


The Mercator-IPC Fellowship Program is part of the Istanbul Policy Center-Sabancı University-Stiftung Mercator Initiative. The program aims to strengthen academic, political, and social ties between Turkey and Germany, as well as between Turkey and Europe, based on the premise that the acquisition of knowledge and the exchange of people and ideas are preconditions for meeting the challenges of a globalized world. 


The Mercator-IPC Fellowship Program allows international scholars, journalists, professionals, and civil society activists to work on academic and practical projects at Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) in two thematic areas:


EU/German-Turkish relations

The Initiative and its fellowship program aim to give new impetus to the EU/German-Turkish partnership. Given that Turkey, Germany, and Europe have entered an era of multiple crises, continuous and open dialogue between Turkey and the EU is a necessity for combating terrorism, maintaining peace and stability in the European periphery, managing irregular migration flows, and developing models for integrating refugees into society. Furthermore, in the midst of economic and foreign policy-related challenges, Turkey’s role in preserving stability in the region is crucial now more than ever.


Climate change

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions can only be accomplished through the joint efforts of national and local governments, businesses, academia, civil society groups, and individual citizens. Few issues necessitate international cooperation as strongly as the need to respond to the threat of climate change. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions can only be accomplished through the joint efforts of national governments, businesses, academia, civil society groups, and individual citizens. In particular, the transformation of energy systems in Europe and elsewhere towards decarbonization is crucial for reducing greenhouse gases for mitigation and adaptation. The Mercator-IPC Fellowship Program aims to raise awareness among decision makers and the broader public of the threats posed by climate change. A particular focus of the program is on Turkey, where the issue of climate change has so far not received the necessary political and public attention


There are two types of positions available:


Mercator-IPC Fellowships are granted to outstanding young academics, journalists, and professionals who have significant prior work experience. The fellows will be expected to work on academic or practical projects at IPC. A Master’s degree (or equivalent) is required for this position, but a PhD is strongly preferred. Applicants without a PhD degree will only be considered if their work experience and expertise meet the program requirements to the jury’s satisfaction. Projects that focus on the German-Turkish nexus are likewise preferred. Applicants cannot apply for fellowships to fund their PhD dissertations.


Mercator-IPC Senior Fellowships are granted to internationally renowned scholars and highly respected representatives of civil society or politics who have already made a significant contribution to GermanTurkish or European-Turkish relations. Senior Fellowships have no specific format or duration. Senior Fellows are jointly chosen by the partners of the Istanbul Policy Center-Sabancı University-Stiftung Mercator Initiative. Applicants should have more than 10 years of academic or practical work experience as well as a distinct academic and public profile. Applicants are required to include a proposal in their application for a public outreach strategy focusing on how the project results will be presented and discussed with policy makers, stakeholders, media, and/or the general public. In contrast to regular Mercator-IPC Fellows, Senior Fellows are not required to be physically present during the entire duration of their fellowship.