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Anja König
Anja König
2012/13 Mercator-IPC Fellow

Anja König is a policy advisor and business economist. She worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Germany and in Kenya as a policy advisor to the Kenyan Government appointed by GTZ/GIZ (German Agency for Technical Cooperation) and with S&W Consultants, an economic consultancy in London.

Her special research interest lies in entrepreneurial solutions to social and environmental challenges. As a Mercator-IPC Fellow, her research project titled “Social entrepreneurship and the role of the government: best practice and policy options in the climate change sector” is strongly related to the thematic area of Climate Change. She analyzed social entrepreneurship in Turkey related to climate change. A number of social entrepreneurs have emerged in recent years who address some of these challenges in innovative and entrepreneurial ways. The research focused on what role the Turkish government could play to shape the emerging social entrepreneurship ecosystem, support the creation of public goods by social entrepreneurs more effectively and on a larger scale, and attract (private, public, hybrid) investment capital for social and environmental impact.

Anja König holds an MBA from University of Mannheim (Germany), a Diploma in Political Science and Economics from Institut d’Etudes Politiques Paris (France), and a Post Master’s Degree in Development Studies from the German Development Institute in Berlin.

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Developing Social Impact Markets in Turkey: Framework for Government Engagement and Review of Policy Options

2012/13 Mercator-IPC Fellow Anja König’s report Developing Social Impact Markets in Turkey: Framework for Government Engagement and Review of Policy Options was published in April 2014.

Click here to download the document.


The Emerging Europe Impact Day

IPC-Sabancı University-Stiftung Mercator Initiative in cooperation with çöp(m)adam and United Nations Global Compact has partnered “The Emerging Europe Impact Day” under the framework of Mercator-IPC Fellow Anja König's research. The event was co-organized with the Black Sea Climate and Business Initiative, Black Sea Economic Cooperation, Austrian Development Cooperation, and Black Sea Trade and Investment Promotion Programme on September 26, 2013.