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Aslı Aydıntaşbaş
Aslı Aydıntaşbaş
2019/20 Mercator-IPC Senior Fellow

Aslı Aydıntaşbaş is a 2019 Mercator-IPC Senior Fellow at the Istanbul Policy Center and a former journalist. She has been a fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) since 2015 and a commentator on Turkish domestic and foreign policy. She is also a renowned journalist whose career included columns in publications such as Cumhuriyet and Milliyet and a talk show on Turkish politics at CNN Turk. Aydıntaşbaş is a contributor to the Washington Post’s Global Opinion’s page, and her columns have appeared in the New York Times, Politico.com, and the Wall Street Journal. Aydıntaşbaş is a graduate of Bates College and holds a Master of Arts in Journalism/Middle East Studies from the New York University.  She lives in Istanbul.

The Turkish Sonderweg: Erdoğan's New Turkey and its Role in the Global Order

2019 Mercator-IPC Senior Fellow Aslı Aydıntaşbaş’s policy brief “The Turkish Sonderweg: Erdoğan’s New Turkey and its Role in the Global Order” was published in February 2020.

Click here to download the document.

Turkey and the West in Global Turmoil

The Initiative convened the panel “Turkey and the West in Global Turmoil” moderated by Research and Academic Affairs Coordinator and Senior Scholar Senem Aydın-Düzgit with the participation of Mercator-IPC Senior Fellows Aslı Aydıntaşbaş, Atila Eralp, and Michael Thumann on November 25, 2019 at IPC Karaköy.

How to Write for Media

Mercator-IPC Senior Fellows Aslı Aydıntaşbaş and Michael Thumann convened the workshop “How to Write for Media” for the Mercator-IPC Fellows on November 14, 2019 at Adahan Istanbul Hotel.

The Welcoming of the 2019/20 Mercator-IPC Fellows

The Welcoming of the 2019/20 Mercator-IPC Fellows was held on October 21, 2019 at Soho Istanbul.  The event began with welcoming remarks by Fuat Keyman, followed by remarks from Michael Schwarz, Senem Aydın-Düzgit, Aslı Aydıntaşbaş, Atila Eralp, and Michael Thumann. The welcoming remarks were followed by a movie screening that introduced the 2019/20 Mercator-IPC Fellows Akgün İlhan, Andrea Weiss, Ellen Kollender, Gökçe Uysal, and Sinan Erensü.