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Emre Üçkardeşler
Emre Üçkardeşler
2016/17 Mercator-IPC Fellow

Emre Üçkardeşler is a social scientist working on public policy. He works as a researcher and consultant on education and social policy. Emre is currently a PhD candidate in Sociology at Carleton University, Canada, writing his dissertation on social policies in Turkey and South Korea.  He holds an MA in Public Administration from Bilkent University and a BSc in Political Science with a minor in Sociology from the Middle East Technical University.   He has taught courses on political economy and development as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

In the field of education, Üçkardeşler has authored numerous policy/legislation analyses and policy-recommendation papers on public education expenditures, school violence, student absenteeism, educational administration and gender. He also organized and leaded several workshops for policy makers, teachers and social service experts. He took part in the development of toolkits for identifying children/households at risk and has prepared training modules and delivered trainings towards educational inspectors, school managers and teachers on gender sensitive legislation in education. He has drafted strategic plans and protocols for public bodies involved in well-being of children and family. 

In the field of social policy, Üçkardeşler has authored articles on the new economy, post-industrial employment, and social expenditures in Turkey and the OECD. He also authored reports on private pensions and social security reform for national and international organizations. Emre has a particular interest in comparative analysis between Germany, South Korea, and Canada. In 2010, he was part of a team studying the transformation of the Ruhr from industry to services. In 2015, he visited German dual-education institutions. Most recently, as a fellow of the Asia Development Institute at Seoul National University in 2016, Emre conducted research on new vocational schools in South Korea.

Project: “Education Policies for Refugee Children and Youth in Turkey and Germany: A Framework for Shifting Patchwork Responses into Long-term Strategies”

This project evaluates the current education policies for Syrian and other refugee children in Germany and Turkey. Field research will be conducted in both countries. By exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the existing situation and drawing lessons from good and poor practices, this research will review the existing capacity and prospects of public, private, and non-governmental institutions.

Bringing together lessons from personal research, insights from contemporary studies, and comparative lessons from similar cases, specific policies and programs for refugee children will be proposed. This project aims to contribute to the formation of better long-term policies as well as to facilitate mutual learning and cross-national sharing of ideas and lessons between Turkey and Germany.

Syrians in Turkey

2017/18 Mercator-IPC Fellows Souad Osseiran and Gabriele Cloeters, 2016/17 Mercator-IPC Fellows Emre Üçkardeşler, Kristen Biehl, and Wiebke Hohberger, and 2015/16 Mercator-IPC Fellow Hande Paker's booklet Syrians in Turkey was published in October 2018.

Developing models for integrating refugees into society is one of the subtopics under the EU/German-Turkish relations cluster of the Mercator-IPC Fellowship Program. To this end, the “Syrians in Turkey” booklet presents a snapshot of the current situation of Syrians in Turkey and the policy responses that have been implemented since the start of their arrival. The contributing Mercator-IPC Fellows, bring the issue into focus through six policy areas: healthcare, education, labor, gender-based aspects, civil society, and social cohesion.


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Welcoming of the 2016/17 Mercator-IPC Fellows

We welcome our 2016/17 Mercator-IPC Fellows, Magdalena Kirchner, Sarah Louise Nash, Wiebke Hohberger, Kristen Biehl, Tuğba Ağaçayak ve Emre Üçkardeşler.

Magdalena Kirchner | Rising to the Occasion? Turkey and Germany in Transatlantic Crisis Management

Sarah Louise Nash | The Politics of the Climate Change and Migration Nexus: Taking the UNFCCC Task Force to Task

Wiebke Hohberger | Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Current Approaches of State and Non-State Integration Efforts and Possibilities for Turkish-German Joint Projects

Kristen Biehl | Examining Policy Formations and Everyday Realities of Refugee Integration in Turkey

Tuğba Ağaçayak | Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Waste and Agriculture Sectors and its Multi-level Governance in Turkey

Emre Üçkardeşler | A Framework for Long-term Education and Integration Strategies

Syrians in Turkey

The booklet Syrians in Turkey authored by 2017/18 Mercator-IPC Fellows Souad Osseiran and Gabriele Cloeters, 2016/17 Mercator-IPC Fellows Emre Üçkardeşler, Kristen Biehl, and Wiebke Hohberger, and 2015/16 Mercator-IPC Fellow Hande Paker, was launched with the moderation of IPC Senior Scholar and Research and Academic Affairs Coordinator Senem Aydın-Düzgit on Monday, October 8, 2018 at Salon IKSV.

Welcoming of the 2016/17 Mercator-IPC Fellows

The Welcoming of the 2016/17 Mercator-IPC Fellows was held on October 10 at the Seed, Sakıp Sabancı Museum. The extension of the Istanbul Policy Center-Sabancı University-Stiftung Mercator Initiative until 2021 was also announced during the event.

The event began with the welcoming remarks by IPC Director Fuat Keyman and followed by remarks from the Chairman of the Advisory Board at Stiftung Mercator, Rüdiger Frohn. An alumni movie, which exhibited former Mercator-IPC Fellows and their projects, was screened after the welcoming remarks. The 2016/17 Mercator-IPC Fellows were introduced to the audience through another movie screening. The movie presented the 2016/17 Mercator-IPC Fellows Kristen Biehl, Wiebke Hohberger, Magdalena Kirchner, Emre Üçkardeşler, Tuğba Ağaçayak, and Sarah Louise Nash and their projects. After the event ended, the distinguished guests enjoyed a meet and greet open buffet dinner.