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Kerstin Krellenberg
Kerstin Krellenberg
2012/13 Mercator-IPC Fellow

Kerstin Krellenberg is an environmental scientist. In 2007, she started working at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig where she is still involved as a guest scientist in research on megacities, urban transformations, urban risks and vulnerabilities, as well as urban climate change response strategies. Since 2018 she has been working at the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development in Dresden.

Krellenberg’s research project for her Mercator-IPC Fellowship is titled “A General Framework for Elaborating and Implementing Climate Change Adaptation Response in (Mega)cities.” Her research was on how to adapt cities to climate change, engaging a wide range of different actors coming from policy-making, academia, and civil society. Her research aimed to contribute to the overall knowledge on (mega)cities and climate change, especially regarding response action. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was used as a case study for her research and its practical application.

Joint Action to Tackle Climate Change at Local Level Strengthening Response Capacities

IPC-Sabancı University- Stiftung Mercator Initiative, REC Turkey and UNDP Turkey organized a workshop on “Joint Action to Tackle Climate Change at the Local Level – Strengthening Response Capacities.” on July 1, 2013 at IPC. The meeting was initiated by Mercator-IPC Fellow Kerstin Krellenberg.

Welcoming Event for the 2012/13 Mercator – IPC Fellows

On September 25, 2012 the welcoming event for the first Mercator-IPC Fellows took place in Istanbul. The event opened with the warm welcoming remarks of Nihat Berker, President of Sabanci University, Bernhard Lorentz, President of Stifung Mercator, and Fuat Keyman, IPC Director. Mercator-IPC Senior Fellow Cem Özdemir, Co-Chairman of the German green party “Alliance 90/The Greens”, gave a keynote speech entitled “Europe at the Crossroads: Why Turkey Matters”. Subsequently, the 2012/13 Mercator – IPC Fellows were introduced through short video clips.

The ensuing panel discussion, entitled “A Silver Lining: German – Turkish Cooperation in Turbulent Times,” offered an intellectually stimulating debate between Kemal Dervis, Member of the IPC Executive Board and Vice President of the Brookings Institution, Ömer Madra, Mercator – IPC Senior Fellow and Co-Founder of Acik Radyo, Secil Pacaci Elitok, Mercator – IPC Fellow, and Ambassador Klaus Scharioth (ret.), Dean of the Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs and Member of the IPC’s International Advisory Council. The discussion was chaired by Ayse Kadioglu, Senior Scholar at IPC and Professor at Sabanci University.