Istanbul Policy Center  (2016)

Post-Coup Opportunities on Conflict Resolution and Democracy Project

Turkey has been facing a number of challenges recently. The deepening polarization within the country and the growing insecurity in the neighbourhood has aggravated extant conflicts. The 15 July 2016 coup attempt has left Turkey in a state of further uncertainty, creating a conducive environment for conflicts to flourish. ‘Post-Coup Opportunities on Conflict Resolution and Democracy’ project aims to identify what can be done to harness post-coup dynamics to help address the Kurdish issue and polarization in Turkey as well as influence policy-makers to adopt those recommendations. The project will provide a platform to increase awareness and enhance dialogue through conflict identification, analysis and resolution by conducting field research, organizing workshops, analysing data, promoting discussion, and disseminating information.

A positive consequence of the coup attempt has been the emergence of a broad public consensus among different factions of the society on civilian rule as an undisputed norm. As such, the project will also explore opportunities vis-à-vis the sustainability of this rare atmosphere of unity by promoting dialogue. Kurdish issue and political polarization in Turkey have long been drivers of conflict and instability. Turkey’s failed coup of 15 July changed the domestic political scene and the context of the conflict with the PKK. The project will contribute to the stability in Turkey and enhance democratization through inclusive dialogue and produce quality information for relevant stakeholders. Turkey has played a crucial role in several pressing issues of the region such as the refugee crisis. Its stability is key to the stability of the region (both the Middle East and Europe).


Final Project Report: Opportunities on Conflict Resolution and Democracy after July 15
Derya Berk, Pınar Akpınar

Opportunities for Consensus and Coexistence after July 15: Peace and Human Development Connection
Aysen Ataseven, Fuat Keyman

Turkish Foreign Policy after July 15
Bülent Aras

State, Institutions and Reform in Turkey after July 15
Bülent Aras

Kurdish Question and Civil Society after July 15: Paths for Dialogue and Reconciliation
Cuma Çiçek

Never Again! But How? State and the Military in Turkey after July 15
Metin Gürcan

Healing the Wounds: Turkey’s Quest for Inclusive Economic Growth
Altay Atlı

Turkey after the July 15th Coup Attempt: When Elites Polarize Over Polarization
Evren Balta, Senem Aydın-Düzgit