Istanbul Policy Center  (2000-2005)

EUMAP: The EU Accession Monitoring Program

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EUMAP: The EU Accession Monitoring Program, 2000
The EU Accession Monitoring Program (EUMAP) of the Open Society Institute was initiated in 2000 to encourage independent monitoring of the process by which the European Union was considering applications for membership from the ten candidate States of Central and Eastern Europe. The Program aimed to contribute to this historic process by producing monitoring reports to complement the evaluations, which were already being conducted by the European Commission, as reflected in its annual “Regular Reports” on candidate States’ progress towards meeting accession criteria. The enlargement of the European Union was a positive development, and independent monitoring was one means of magnifying its beneficial effects, both within the candidate States and in the EU itself.

The IPC project’s aims and objectives were:
Provide examples of legislative reform and the means of implementation of the reforms towards achieving EU political criteria for accession;
Make available to governmental and non-governmental actors in Turkey EUMAP methodology and experiences in identifying institutional and procedural weaknesses that detract from achieving EU standards in key areas relating to human rights and equal treatment;
Familiarize the Turkish public opinion with the ongoing process of monitoring and evaluation by unofficial bodies to ensure progress not only in candidate countries but in EU member states as well;
Raise public awareness in Turkey of the importance of civil society monitoring and encourage a direct dialogue between official and non- governmental actors on issues related to the political criteria for EU accession;
Contribute to the Turkish National Program’s goal of achieving EU standards in the implementation of the new legislation by means of cooperating with Secretariat General for European Union Affairs (ABGS);
Prepare, publish and publicize, in addition to translations of EUMAP resources, policy papers and assessment of aspects of Turkey’s progress towards EU accession.

Translation and Publication of EUMAP Reports in Turkish
The six-volume EUMAP resources not only contain analyses, assessments, and recommendations that bear relevance to the Turkish case but also provide specific country surveys to take example from. In order to be able to use these resources, an assessment was made with respect to which topics covered by EUMAP and which particular aspects of the EUMAP project would be most relevant to the Turkish context and how they might be effectively adapted and utilized for encouraging change and progress towards Turkey’s EU accession.
The result was a 125-page book entitled The European Union under Scrutiny: Monitoring the EU Accession Process Reports – Selected Texts (Avrupa Birligi Mercek Altinda: AB Uyelik Izleme Surecini Izleme Raporlari, Secmeler). The book includes contextualized summaries of EUMAP reports [Minority Protection (2001), Minority Protection (2002, Volume I) An Assessment of Selected Policies in Candidate States, Minority Protection (2002, Volume II) Case Studies in Selected Member States, Corruption and Anti-Corruption Policy (2002), Judicial Independence (2001), and Judicial Capacity (2002)] relating the situation and policies concerning minority protection in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania as well as the situation of Muslims in France, Italy and the UK. It also provides relevant summaries in Turkish of EUMAP reports on corruption, judicial independence, and judicial capacity in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania.
Broadening the Scope of the Integrated Projects: Publications and Advocacy
The objectives of further advocacy, information dissemination and raising public awareness in Turkey were to be addressed, however, by means of IPC’s engagement in two thematic areas other than Judicial Capacity. On April 6, 2004, two additional meetings were held with OSI staff to assess the means of extending IPC coordination to two further EUMAP-related activities in Turkey, encompassing new thematic areas: “Media Plurality” and “Equal Opportunity for Women and Men.” Professor Bulent Capli from Ankara University, worked as part of the EUMAP project team to prepare the Turkey Country Report for Television Across Europe: Regulation, Policy and Independence.
On December 1, 2004, IPC organized at its Karakoy facilities a roundtable meeting to discuss the Turkey Country Report for Television Across Europe: Regulation, Policy and Independence (Avrupa’da Televizyon: Duzenleme, Siyasa ve Bagimsizlik) the Media prepared by Professor Capli and Dr. Hakan Tuncel, both from Ankara University. The meeting met its aim of obtaining expert critique and feedback on the draft version of the report on Turkey. The final English version has been prepared and been launched on 13 October 2005.
The second significant set of activities undertaken during the grant extension period was the publication, launch and, in that context, advocacy of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, another EUMAP-related activity. The draft report on this topic, prepared by Nevin Senol (with the assistance of Aysun Sayin and Ceren Isat, all three from Ankara University), was prepared in September. Dr. Selma Acuner (Women’s Studies Department of the Ankara University) was both the supervisor of this process and the editor of the report. IPC coordinated the translation of the report into English as well as the preparation and publication of the Turkish version, Avrupa Birligine Giris Surecini Izleme Programi: Kadinlar ve Erkekler icin Esit Firsatlar: Turkiye, which was produced as a 90-page book in the same format as the earlier publication in Turkish on Monitoring the EU Accession Process. Avrupa Birligine Giris Surecini Izleme Programi: Kadinlar ve Erkekler icin Esit Firsatlar: Turkiye is a comprehensive survey of issues relating to gender equality in Turkey. It examines the latest legislative, institutional, and administrative changes affecting the position of women in Turkey and presents a clear picture of what has been achieved and what needs yet to be done during the process of Turkey’s EU Accession negotiations.