Istanbul Policy Center  (2014'ten beri)

Project on the Middle East and the Arab Spring (POMEAS)

Project on the Middle East and the Arab Spring (POMEAS) arose in response to the upheavals that began in 2011 throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), as well as the subsequent developments of an unfolding regional process that mixed disappointments with opportunities. To take note of the initial promise and hopes, and to underline our continuing commitment to realize the democratic potential of the original movements against abusive authoritarian rule, we refer to this dynamic as the ‘Arab Spring.’

Our intention is to initiate a forum that is open and accessible to people throughout the Middle East, as appropriate beyond. POMEAS aims to provide an open forum for reflecting and analyzing the various dimensions of the Arab Spring, both those embodying the whole range of revolutionary promises and those that embody and express a counter-revolutionary backlash. To carry out this project, we plan to sponsor research, hold conferences of invited experts, and have a publications program that includes scholarly monographs, policy briefs, and opinion editorials.We seek to have impacts on both the discourse of experts and the climate of public opinion.

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